If you have been injured in an accident of some kind, whether automobile related, a slip and fall, or in another manner, McCabe Law can assist in assessing liability and in litigating or negotiating a fair settlement for you.



If you have been injured in an accident of some kind, whether automobile related, a slip and fall, or in another manner, McCabe Law can assist you.

McCabe Law will carefully assess your claim, and provide you with advice on how to best proceed when attempting to recover compensation for your injuries, loss of wages, costs of future care, and more. We take a business-like approach to litigation, and we are prepared to represent your interests to the best of our abilities through settlement, mediation, or litigation.



At McCabe Law, we recognize that family law issues, such as divorce, separation agreements, support obligations, equalization of family property, custody and access, can be very stressful and oftentimes contentious matters. We endeavour to make the family law process more manageable by fully advising clients of their rights and obligations, and helping our clients to obtain the best possible results.

In addition to dealing with the above matters, we are also experienced in the oftentimes more positive aspects of family law, such as cohabitation agreements and adoptions.



If you or your company has been charged with a criminal or regulatory offence, it can be overwhelming. McCabe Law has the knowledge and experience to carefully assess and outline the evidence against you, canvass your options, and to represent you in court, all while keeping your best interests in mind.



Whether you are the purchaser or the vendor, McCabe Law is able to assist you fully throughout the purchase and sale process. We have extensive experience in both private sales and sales through Realtors, and as such are able to assist you in the negotiation process, in ensuring that the conditions of the purchase and sale have been satisfied, in verifying the title to the property, in zoning and IRAC approval, and in preparing Deeds, Bills of Sale, Mortgages, and more.



At McCabe Law, we encourage our clients to plan for the future through estate planning. Some of the services we offer are the preparation of Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, and Wills. Through these instruments, we allow our clients to prepare for their future incapacity, their inability to make or articulate their medical wishes, and the disposition of their property upon their death.



McCabe Law has experience in a wide variety of corporate and commercial issues. Some services we offer include:

  • Incorporating Prince Edward Island Companies
  • Incorporating Federal Companies
  • Registering Trade Names
  • Registering Extra-Provincial Corporations
  • Merging Companies
  • Assisting with the purchase and sale of companies, through either a share or asset sale
  • Dissolving companies and/or partnerships



If you are attempting to resolve a dispute with another party or parties, it can often lead to a lawsuit. This is handled through civil litigation. Typically, in civil litigation actions, the available remedies include damages (money), or specific performance.

McCabe Law can meet your civil litigation needs in a number of areas, by assisting you with the following specific examples, and many more:

  • All types of negligence actions;
  • Contractual remedies and contract enforcement, including damage claims, interpretation, injunctions and specific performance;
  • Plaintiff’s insurance law work, including actions related to personal injuries, accidents, insurance benefit denial, etc.;
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes; and
  • Real Estate issues, including boundary line agreements, encroachments, etc.